Friday, December 19, 2008

sydnie as in lsd

if you look back you may see me
pop up where you thot i never was,
meaning only chaos, we can’t have
things like this showing, maybe
this was made by, influxus,
genuine material not allowed,
all down here in the negative,
original material reality, drink
toner, bath tub hanging from
ceiling, if we make ten copies of
it then we get to keep the original,
there’s a first time for every
offence, someone willing to sell
their dirty panties, arbitrarily
broken, start reading the sports
section, you all have your
hockey, now here you are gone,
some they succeed, i want to be
back in that better day,
responsive individuals, we did
take care of that debt, out of
the blue: joy, still posting,
what you said about yesterday
yesterday, we like these little
haiku-bytes, no more escale,
the photocopier is obsolete,
goa head, it looks like an omen
in retrospect, anemone sidecar,
a suspect copy, jewel hat, out
of one month into the next,
multiple workarounds, double
production half results, here
you are away, ship off a load,
double self-destruction,

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