Tuesday, December 02, 2008


lives that touch, harch, silent
chaos, art tomb, backlinks, alternative
pleasures, rebuild the registry,
bumped off the network, nothing
to hang on to, where strange worlds
collide, can we go back to the year
two thousand and start again, corn
cap, jar boil, the comic brook, finally
sees it, boiled gerbil, writing
table with wings, rosewell lollypopout,
hook eye co, a very complex envelope,
no not what, baughczxs, hiss pants,
selling blank, buying nothing,
view zero, scratch null, zap and
it appears, no rufous, nevertouch,
logorgasm, handdripped, young
goodman car, better get a good
lawyer, last we word, strange
thing appears in the mailbox,
speaking of jars, sensitive
pictures, roaring up from the
unconscious mind, jucifer
rising, have you been mudflapped,
what is the blank up to now,
zen hysteria, jail expansion,
eros sins, one billion loo, to
dough or not to dough, hetrolife,
lamp arena, agharta, do you have
a chit in, tilapia, tartabull,
eakly, trance occultism, bakota,
pink column, the stendahl
syndrome, my white rabbit,
domestic art, one day all
the next nothing, stay at,

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