Tuesday, December 09, 2008

hat in she why lure

work yourself into a hole in the
ground, this is not even written
out, damaged purity, we were writing
even crazier then, all the little
hopes that die, we only actually
never, saint pip, there were plenty
more that went down in the flood,
we may not have the original,
please don’t point at that part,
what is that swan doing to that
girl, intwinsic, they don’t live there
anymore, is the baby still kicking,
let us regain touch, the reasons
for the crime, looks like some sort
of criminal activity from a
distance, are you still with me,
here’s how to fill the mailbox,
also known as pink, you might
get some garbage in return,
who’s your favourite mind, the
picture with you out of it, never
trust a mover, neverbend, are you
sure you want to interact, labour
laid down on paper, orange glazes,
mere chaos, write this paper to
death, the actual construction
of the chaos, what could be
done with all this text, no
boss around, always already
published, fish the art out
of the dumpster, always
already too late, book it,

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