Monday, December 15, 2008

miss make mincemeat out of you

think of this as an event, maybe i am
a dangerous person, as if the word
needs any more meaning, we do’nt,
sincerely enclosed, optical page,
these will all wind up on e-bay,
seems to mean nothing, egg colour,
glut the nothing market, error
will destroy you, what do you have
against the hand, when the duct
tape was new, still laughter,
undesignated yourself, you can’t
turn shit into gold, who built
the malls, soon none of this will
ring any bells, copies are for
sending, coping with copies,
between art, emphasize by reducing,
which wons which, you were doing
this when you should have been
doing that, this is failing to
produce results, writing in the
middle of the night, reliable
correspondent, could suddenty
it must be in one box or another,
the poetry of going out of biz,
the retro-computer list-serve,
the photocopier’s eye, no matter
how you try to hang on, once we
were four, information is in the
eye of the beholder, forgot you
moved, familyless, everything it
took to finish the text, disgust
society, another perfect day in
hell, barking up the wrong
tree no pun intended, thinkhap,

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