Tuesday, December 02, 2008

cambria cheese

did we win, one is a fool, as it
works out so it works out, the original
sucks, droptown, all of your friends
are gone, going going gone, friends
that might still, tort squilla, mar
scam, guilty joy, alli oop, the gob
of chaos, mother code, chaos event,
your mother’s voice, rude ally,
disconnected joy, guilty for saying,
corn scam, mar the computer,
squilla blankd, tort thru, pri de la,
toner time, swarm of smarm, now we
are divided, look at this text thru
another’s eyes, pluck no more moss,
the phrases that connect us, a good
presence, puppling, animals in top
hats, a dream of a van camped,
the dream-van, a velvet sombrero,
groiners, stamp out mailart,
facebooking, social utility,
the evidence that could change
history, oranges that come all
the way from china, history of
canada’s exchange, soopallalie,
irukandji, peace machine,
ladybug taint, vinclozolin,
epigenetics, an unlucky break,
can’t afford love, cblt, oka,
oka cheese, sprezzatura, history
is what hurts, punctum, aristos,
a diamond in a lemon, sapates,
bathmology, bouvard-and-pecuchet-

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