Wednesday, December 17, 2008

simulated heights

there is only one eye, got girls?,
microstic, secret contents, blue ink
like this, maybe it’s time to retire
this identity, bending way,
envelope bangalore, the reality
changer, the legibility hotspot,
always already gone, this text
is holding it’s own, debt value,
distance forget, envelope bending,
between might, blank debt, you are
permanently in the good book,
you are drifting out of the
picture, think death, why has thin,
if you are going the way you are
going you will, collection of
transfer punch holes, the funny
thing about regret, shared pool,
the perigord truffle, brule,
tuber melanosporum, a textile
stripper, sga heap, red ham,
mad on the range, a concubine
who embarrasses him, kamiks,
anlu, the aztec flower wars,
punishment of rocks, zebu
rustling, santeria, same day
liberations, the herdsman’s
expedient calculus, now we
need the unabridged version,

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