Thursday, December 11, 2008

i shot the serif

sign zero, stuff you don’t want
your boss to know you’re copying,
penny alcohol, fashion elephant,
unabridged vision, document
vehicle, blank violence, how are you
going to set this text free,
exhibit copy, what is the definition
of, it is still saying now, we are all
being deleted one by one, this one
went a completely different way,
where do you get all your neuronal
impulses, when is a lulu not a lulu,
actually cough, love don, here we
have lost a little more, you can’t
get anymore defeated, blotter
blotter blotto, say boo, maintain
your integrity thru violence,
what has been blacked out here,
loki violent, talking about in the
past, bury the weight, snap a
staple into it, do you have plans
for these texts, bedroom panopticon,
eye responds, penny destruction,
brown all over it, evil bean, ivory
breast, cash nothing register,
chicken boots, soft stag, you thot
you were getting fat, rezell,
wrench kite, redherringbone
stuckinthroat, stuckinslot,
stuckingthot, cerebral policy,
composition realized, comes from
harsh exclusion, ipecac, rahab,
nasab, serach, talab, mojitos,
become the whole of boredom,
poems clustered around, the
imp turning vicious, hamam,

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