Monday, December 08, 2008


scam of what, now we are not taking
part in our own life, the thinging
of things, the full concreteness,
inherited nothing, how do you dérive,
hockey holds no sway, sandwich mail,
pron, now we have entered the end,
the devil’s fishhook, monument
destroyed, hyper-disorder, never
circulate, playforward, we do not
remember this, eye lot, time enuf
to copy, why local not global,
fat goes to your head, it really
did expire, ifism, exposed to
removal, as blazed as a, the
adhesive dissolve, aap check, leave
earth, esive esive, a genetic spasm,
maybe take in a movie, too much
fucking rope, still more rope yet,
thou shalt not think of oneself,
will this be the straw, money that
can only be spent once, out of
debt department, bust vigil, shee
shee shee, one was trying, self-
serving egomaniac, split off from,
depends on who you hear it from,
penny coffin, scanabration,
bell never rung, penetrate the
cluster, oran-honey, cutrate fruit,
scrunchies, a name that rings no
bell, uti, trampoline ducks, now
you have proved yourself to be
a monster, we are reaching the
breaking point, still work, the
konings, ethic high consequence,
bit by your own, how’s corn,

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