Monday, December 29, 2008


pop eye scan nada, the jack of
spades, an environmental technician
is a cleaning lady, typical list,
with the leg, type me a word,
skeezix, reproductions of trash,
please inform your correspondent,
star date, inspirational text,
change of status, ain’t got no
point and click, telefile, who
picks up the postage, you got me
wrong, swedish fish, vitamin i,
panchimagogum, when this you
see remember me, listed cleavers,
slackpacking, and who had you
through the mails, heaven and
earth may collapse, zerbert,
nothing but a follerer,
ideological correctness, stilyagi,
crypto-ideas, phenothiazine,
hithertonow, the screen remained
blank, historically essential
cause, essence of organe, extra-
consciousness, pulverized baby-
crab, stelazine, pol-read, datrox-
three, pseudo-hand, orange
stretchpants, canon theory,
aesthesis, forced travel, kuluk,
wreckers and hoarders, the sun
is late today, pushing people
into abysses, kolkhozes, a
dangerous and unpredictable
alteration of the entire system,
za, myrmecology, queen-lickers,

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