Thursday, December 11, 2008

lucid code

the drop that burst the seams,
not a significant amount, perv
perp perm, enuf fuel to burn it
down, a simple machine for pleasure,
innagodadavede, hurry up and
destroy, what do we know about
morality, one of the questions
you can’t ask, who knows war
knows, mere meat, a loaf of white,
whear, shell out for hockey, the
green lines arrive, everyday
another every day another, failing
to make copies, eff tea double
you, here i think of you, what does
this word keep signifying, break
out of your gilded cage, ain’t got
no hat, why are we at war, nothing
wrong with a little prune, there
is no such book, bedroom
panopticon, a persona of nothingness,
a quarter pound of assorted
balloons, well you knew you had
a problem, one hundred two-bit,
violence is exspensive, it all is
written, not allowed to dial
that number, thou shalt not act,
the penny trade, drinking gas,
any chemical you want, we are
still constructing ourselves,
will this be the one, if only
the signs could have been heeded,
a slice of somebody else’s life,
earning a penny, no her, you
only have a week left to live,
still boiling, division town,

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