Friday, December 05, 2008


your mother’s handwriting, nothing
against the world, look twice and
see, leaving out the is, the ink is
continueing to transfer, cut a
hole for yourself, psychiatr
krankenhs, you are getting zero
credit for this activity,
obsolitude, this microdot of
colour, violent hobby, failing
to resume, vispo marketing, the
time before the fatal remark,
do we not have art, erection in
the sun, your skeleton, bfk, nice
stump, we seem to be missing the
annotations, now we need to
annotate the annotations, lost
and find penny, trainsmug, in
the penalty box for good, nothing
more than a note, hyssop or
let the bones dance, long after
the dead are dead, the chaos
we have caused, hurry up and
choose, get out there and join
the flow, misrepresentations of
reality, a voice now enters the
text from elsewhere, are we
reading the book or, the insanity
that drove us crazy, how do you
like your chaos now, the text
continues beyond the end of the
text, it’s sex that drives us to
war, you mean we have to go
thru this again, better not
scratch that itch, these
voices are coming from
different places,

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