Monday, December 22, 2008

an ad revolution

schizofriends, they differ in the way
they are destroyed, spoon vacuum
dream, capital see cowboy, tearing
nerves, copy chaos, we never knew what
the token, p, work you back into the
fold, growing from the concrete,
the ambiguity of reality, concrete
concurrence, emergency midwifery,
shopping drunk, hey kids look
there’s a dirty word on that sign,
the good old days will come back to
haunt you, this will not make you
a better person, we lost all our
hapticity, are you glad you spent
the time to read this far, june is
coming or is it going, take me to
the other place, even when you said
no more you said something,
nothing is ever really empty, is
it may or december, the power of
suggestion only goes so far, this
is meaning nothing to me, may or
june, oxr, you have been disincluded,
jump to the same month next year,
usually interesting, took a look
at ook from the side, let there
be english, we think we might
have already written this, we
blog or we are silent, did i get
a chance to show you this before
we were torn apart, bring something
unusual forward, this won’t work
it worked, my thirsty year,

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