Sunday, December 14, 2008

miss mincemeat

penny moss, put out, six three four
nine one, a hundred dollars worth
of empty bottles, you can’t actually
do anything, why would you need
so much postage, become comatose,
here have some free lunch, destroy
your brain, zen murder, precarious
happiness, dross moss, destroy your
relationships, scona knocks, what
was that song you were playing,
keep it up you will break thru,
now you have the money, all the
warning signs were there,
eliminate yourself, on a sun,
now you can afford all the
postage you want, intuit outofit,
are you still there will you
always be there, you don’t need
to get drunk to be violent, you
are asking me to do nothing,
days of dross, an artificial
being, postal math, twenty-five
ten sixty-four, the price of
the news, you don’t need to own
the tool to make use of it,
dishdrudgery, everyone is looking
for a sign, triple ex edding,
float your balance back up,
the jackpot at the end of the
rainbow, rod road, get fish
eyed, alcohol destroys us all,

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