Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"smoke, or someone else will smoke in your place"

fix the broken egg, jull, you were
not taking part, take part in someone
else, writing after work, om magic
day, god said rest, while you were
here and away, we had plenty of
material to work thru, all apart
together, sweating hat, ain’t got no
connection, elite sign, express beg,
suddenly became a criminal,
memphis charmed fairy, attach
a blank, how cums it, how many
times the same image pops up,
setting the seeds of disaster, one
works while the other plays, work
this forward, if you could go back
go forward, there will come a
long, depends on the time of day,
immocent, mail tray stone,
nothing to do with beer, the work
we are laying down today, you
don’t know the meaning of
double bind, glass slag, order
poets, auguries of disaster,
think of everything as an addnpass,
nobody is going to be our friend
now, how are you finding the
smoke, if this is the cure i’d
hate to see the disease, as we
approach the end, by the end
of this month, one had nothing,
always running, the last time,
one hot spot or another, now you
are on your own, i liked you
best when you were asleep,

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