Saturday, December 13, 2008

gothic manuscript

can you read this, this is up for
sale on e-bay, wait until the
situation is ripe, emphasis cluster,
playing hockey the next day, why
what happen happen, remember
the exact place and time we wrote
this, did you have something you
wanted to convey, single women
double, bright final memory, you
were here and i was there, more
choice errors, the mind remembers
itself back to happy, minim
maxam, i liked you best when you
were gone, pretty junk muscle,
nothing lust, account for this
bruise, flows the ink nice,
burkenduzes refers to, now i
will be the enemy, blank sex,
bublication crawl, resignify
yourself, this is kid’s stuff,
try to capture the density,
the anti gang, what have we
referred to, one oh three,
glue stains, true love boner,
prefer to forget your humiliations,
why isn’t this text used, this
isn’t the first one of these we
ever saw, we lil ew, that’s a
beautiful thing you are doing,
lude innuendo, let’s play
conflict, dank navy, now you
are reading, your funeral
my trial, heading off accross
the page, yer fattest happiest
moment, predeterioration,

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