Sunday, December 21, 2008

touch you bert

we had the machines, a little
publication never hurt anyone,
no more cookies for you ever, one
mentions another, what do you
do now, i wrote you but you were
already dead, nodded yet, what
would it feel like to be back
in that moment, we were all
within range, now we have enough
text to last us a lifetime, thou
shalt not swear, we need to move
some of this art, lousy zeal,
zoom in on my face, face composed
of about fifty dots, psychological
reverberations, send your voice,
if you need help with the internet,
you have been forced off the net,
you won the hat, one has seen
beautiful things, willing to
fight for art, you are not invited
to the party, you are off having
fun together, ahoy there fellow
human, i am having to cut you
more and more slack, now we are
long past the point of no return,
risking the art to the winds of
chance, well you have the
number but, oh we could come
up with a few texts if need be,
one and the same with your
former self, white toner in
orange highlighter, zin, true
love broken, be hap, behap,
respond despond, you hap, me hap,

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