Saturday, December 20, 2008

sylfaen sildenafil

a name that signifies, the selves we
left behind, ain’t got no hand to hold,
picking words from a hat, concrete
was animated, glickering, old hat
misplaced, sildenafil citrate,
apparoir, gathering little moss
among the conquest, penny ante,
frog crumpet, the eremitage a
hunting castle, not-yet-canadian,
a notre dame cathedral imp,
vision elite, humanamuh, really
simple syndication, art with bar-
code, every line you make, better
take that off your to do list,
ginger alien, personal self, maybe
this is not my hand, slapdash
employment, hope of escape from
condemnation, loyalty violence,
revolutionary theory, enhance
it by counteracting the
hegemonic, lega-style, nothing
proud, thot we saw a typewriter,
extend your word, faux gold,
artsite, no more latitude, don’t
want to get into part two, a
letter of reference, how do you
stay so pure, death takes
centre stage, say goodbye to all
that and hello to all this,
another blank day, hoping always
hoping, there’s no getting over
time, bebuary, beb three, the
word police, the dot under the
aitch in pesah, beb six, be seven,

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