Monday, December 08, 2008

my luggage

mar the paper, mark on the copier
glass, no need to write another word,
text already flown, you are no
longer what you were, why is this
not turning black, how many weeks
has the mark been on the glass,
let it drift, cog dis, sign ham, the
writing cycle, home arrive, the
canadian mind, it will go, camel
pig dragon, ignore this, lphob,
arbitrary zero line, atrocity
price, food supply, begorra,
intervale, hibernophiles, mujahed,
egyptionization, quantum
cryptography, orange soda,
standwiches, lath, the bible fist,
a leap of doubt, a leap of despair,
the sad whine of a mosquito’s
song, hoogh, sand cannons,
encouraged to cannonball to
their heart, how can one approve
of oneself, vanlit, qaat,
paderewskied, everyone could
hardly, you don’t need a

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