Friday, December 19, 2008

simulated sunlight

yes terday, three fourteen, without
the context we have no way of knowing,
this looks darker than that but, save
them before they flutter into oblivion,
policing the now, travel around in
your memory bank, memories going
up in smoke, blue turning black
enough, zerovision, lug means to
fly, how could you not want
this text, this is all machine
made writing, signifies being,
flying heart, contemporary text
production, zero advice, date
toggle, turboaction, horizontal
envelope collaborator, the
forgotten sugar, time bug, put
the original into play, memory
flux, dismemberize, death
to the moment, suddenly your
brain explodes, police letters,
the beauty of black marks, are
any of you still with me, are
you in the good book or in the
bad book, obliterated friends,
be careful what you put on
your to do list, thank blank,
still falling, how do you
like yourself now, think of
yourself as us, five tons of
paper, settle in to your new
identity, share what little you
have, cryptococcus gattii, the
poverty draft, imperfect
copies, nipple balm,

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