Friday, December 26, 2008

back to batang (again?)

my worst year ever, text literature
book, remember the moment we
smeared this text, take last
breath, no action no failure,
making out the pornographic bit,
want to let you kgow, is this a
push or a pull, what were you
doing a year ago, tone for sale,
the pust, busy doing, the bone of
contentment, cause a gap,
garanoia, secret mail, last known
address, no colophon, eight eyes,
fire in the system, controls the
fish, city of time, hus, what
could happen, access to the
control, watchperson, bobm, zip
around the world, highlight
the dayglo, too busy for art,
salt lass, textcycle, drive
with blood, nuf fun, favour
dead tree, gimme a sec to
study the brochure, associa,
hoping to find this moment
again, normal art mind, used
paper discards, pled guilty to
something you never did, you
failed to heed the warning
signs, we were just getting
started, we never found our
way in, a whole ‘nother stack
of blank, not an internet one,
fake post, seeing it as an ass,
we thot these were the same
publications, still sign, aug,

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