Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Fuck Times New Roman!" (title quotes Christian Bök)

find your way forward to happiness,
maybe something here will jog your
memory, every scrap of paper that
ever blew your way, try and
capture the reality before you let
it go, nothing happens, name blot,
opposed these carefree, how old
is that beauty, so is this the copy
of the copy, this is blue ink
not toner yet, why don’t we get
all this made into a rubberstamp,
we hope we get no more mail,
everyone climb aboard, laussel,
it crops up again like a bad
penny, this is the masterpiece
of, the copy that can make copies
of itself, ignore this, free to
give up our freedom, one amp ust,
are you still there dear reader,
if you find anything relevant
highlight it, getting to know
you as you, elements retained,
dip back and compare, i added
the garbage, this should be
with the colour version, oh i’m
sure it was actual somewhere,
a whole lot more than a mere
copy, would like to see the rest
of that picture, rudedur,
microcont, sadly unannotated,
the best of the worst, anno
may, ones we never got to know,
if this offends thee, longone,

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