Monday, December 01, 2008

calibration blug

how did this get here without
postage, approved but not posted,
it’s never too late to post, how
many copies all told, you have to
buy them both because they are one
thing, a whole new year’s worth of
evil, who is watching who, let’s
hear your greatest hit, all of us
joined together, it’s dadaday,
post on a mailbox, red uct,
courier versus postman, sapient
bologna, this is all in your own
mind, no implication implied,
the gold surfer, i think our
projects are compatible, what part
of you is this, if we had a pile
of these we could build,
disharmonies and battle marches,
the year we died, never used for
nothing yet, syawal selasa,
lamination is forever, slk,
sybylismus, a signature to
remember, overplease, how bad
of a name can you get, satanzas,
double-dross, obsoletification,
sez two-fifty but lies, in the
same boat as all these
monsters, depredator, saying
such insane things, strike that,
hoping to get a little, why
would you wanna publish
this crap, in the unfolded
condition, you represent
your city, pathippagam,

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