Tuesday, December 30, 2008


mark ististin, mandrax, you made me
quit killing myself, red jimmy
versus blue matrix, the e-mail
that brought the net down, think
of yourself as an other, all the
effort that goes into failure,
failure daemon, alcohol was a
factory, orge van, grin taxi, inside
kick, overbored, ozzem berg, wail
tale, dragon’s milk, what are you
teaching your children about
beer, yes somebody is still on
the case, way back machine,
interacting with strange entities,
smilodectes, bad bad black sheets,
revocable now, full sail three,
you almost need a microscope,
let us be broken, which way does
the head go, confuson, bandeau
rituel, the clever forge, mint
for use, failing to smile, study
nothing, turn every thot into
something beautiful, the inside
of a shark, asuloc, the good old
brown rockfish, thirty-nine
placenta, blackbird agave,
canadian legend, this is not a
duck, half fish half buffalo,
you look like einstein, tuskan,
straight up baselisk, you can’t
eat art can you, share sugarbear,
mere water, they are busy making
weapons, bunyon canyon, red
fish blue, graduating to,

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