Monday, December 22, 2008


year of the dead pig, ut ik, slackers
of the world, eighteen forty-six
watermark, west edmonton mailart,
all poetry is rare, a bank of hands,
might make a nice fake, are those
guns you’re holding, police
expansion, let’s figure out what
caused the catastrophe, collect
pork, cochon, dreams wanted, we
need more tickets, jack of spades,
get ‘em while they’re cheap, the
cost of breaking, put it under the
heading of nothing, should be
discarded, hihanna, the jacking
up of minimums, unavoidable
exposure to the elements, normal
wear and tear, presumed dead,
microcephalin, glossopteris, the
end-permian extinction event,
stressors, evapourite, trishaw,
foraminifera, photoresist, orange
mini-taxi, verberus, hum emb
currents, foamathon, this orange
thing, lumber mail, self-lobotomize,
fade up, an ion implanter, carbon
dating service, affectless monk,
the arbiter of existence, kadaw,
parabaik, atomic-layer deposition,
extreme ultraviolet lithography,
soft x-rays, the hapless digger,
dead image, extraordinary
half conceptual, writing sous
rature, the german mirror
punishments, copy the wisdom,

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