Wednesday, December 03, 2008

you are an important member of the avant-garde community

mail sign, do you see what the eye is
saying, a controlled spiral, blahber,
they drop your mail into a puddle,
actually saying something for a
change, magic lifts, could never
actually remain anonymous,
adamage, jump to the meat, please
limit your dreams, the details
remain the same, we are always
already dead, type the name into
a search engine, arc alumis, the
details have changed, one is
performing, the sort of texture
you can lay a hand to, you are
an important member of the
avant-garde community, anaglypta,
food that has been touched, the
words that make up a name, fuck
the crown, smell the purple, a
cherry for your ear, actually
burn this page, we need new,
don’t read it just copy it, do some
vigourous mailing, one is an
interdict, jump ahead a year
into the future, ba diped med,
theartre, design fashioning, lèvres,
vinnipeg, turn you suffering
into beauty, condemn nation,
social beacon, we need to get
this text translated into, all
we got is a handle, says feed
the hungry, judgernaut,

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