Tuesday, December 23, 2008

damn this printer!

all we want to do is see it, raw wind,
x is for rox, wawazin, here’s a plum,
sane effort, the light zone, from
the first to the n-th degree copy,
xeropoesis, the golden past, no wheat
today, infrapink, orange windowpane,
zeven, your fears evaporated,
electronic microdot, the letters are
fragmenting, acid wheels, bell
queue, expedient pong, pink ponk,
electronic salt, we eat our quota,
the golden future, camel-pig, keep
the dead idea, an interpretation
of the address, are yot, defense
of sanity, prompt copy, the effort
of zero, typewriter decoder, remin,
picture plum, before it got broken,
tools of violence, the sun in your
eyes, enter the frame, looks like
about nineteen-sixty, print xa,
i was thinking about you when
i wrote this sentence, a crazed
beauty, are you sober, somed,
blaw-knox, watch you don’t get
hit from above, might be better
captured with words, jump out
of the book, the computer is free,
outlab, recycle your cranium,
all this wealth has nothing to
do with you, deadhead miles,
realtime information, terminal
social clubs, rpm violation
record, a kwispel cap, wyvern,

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