Tuesday, December 30, 2008


perror, real paint for a change,
shaitans, where’s the red, you young
coveri, attach some reality,
post-auto, borsodi, it was an error
to start with, a replication of
the error, psychotic arrests, we are
the outsider, a record of our
correspondence, gyula, imagine
engine, agyak, always already
seen, anammi, enel, tabella,
forty gigs worth of the same poem,
this chant air, positive mutation,
cybird, i stand here reading,
take the logo out of context, the
grand total of damage, the label
finally soaked off, phthalates,
millions of caps, mad-hatter
bio-tech tea party, japanimation,
eye candy with a hint of acid,
hst means, a conspiracy of idiots,
saw the smashing of the art,
writing about ether, art made
from sausage casing, kermode,
mere-painting, orange success,
imparity, hand eye coordinates
heated, plotinusian, a hardhat
over a turban, optasy, two
pieces of blotting paper,
slice of hand, nipple-tux,
calamity is as heavy as the
earth, mews, a hat of great
size and weight, fluctuated
down to zero, sos survey,

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