Saturday, December 27, 2008


blâti-mé, the generous margins
rule, there is nothing beyond
writing, a mere year ago, force
you onto the typewriter, we are
actually selling these texts,
what do these do-dads signify,
very little publication taking
place, couldn’t you wait until
the corpse was cold, long handed,
even gold is just dirt, we got
hauled away, divide yourself
into six, whether you think art
has any value or not, art versus
sport, do not encourage the insanity,
back when here meant there,
chrome writing, buddha now,
skeleton mosh, blame it on the
suburbs, i gave you nothing,
being have, whawhuwhe, rayar,
culture of violence, seven is
supposed to be lucky, put it
where somebody can pick it up,
dumb fool boiling, who are you
calling a jerk, a year between
hellos, valium overdose time,
did you have something you
wanted to say, drink yourself
over the edge, s, lucy smith drops,
junkyard art, peace-sign crosshairs,
might be mere loss, a complete
list of mailartists, the world
is always at war, texts for
rubberstamps, postward,

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