Tuesday, December 16, 2008

unpalatable line of type

envelope full of odour, such a
thing as shrinkwrap, there seems to
be some sort of string attached,
is this one thing or several,
listen and see, united hermits,
look and hear, you are looking
right past the object, engraxate,
art permanency require, ampersand
cluster, black and white is two
things: colour is one, copy for
replication, one one one one one
one, kay-sevens, see eye eh, is this
art or food, sexism is an evil,
are those real sails, frenetic
dust, jay dot n, ready for to be
consumed, spiral scratch, this
was sent out from here four
months ago, berror, this might
refer to this, naked mail, your
star is damaged, flit thru the
mails, everything that can be
done thru the mails, foreturn,
handcarve text, the dada stops
here, microtoner, what else can
you do but copy it, six billion
people seeking six billion
people, let me see your armpits,
pick a girl any girl, refresh
your soul, in the loop: the
eternal loop, thou shalt not
connect, we can’t have this sort
of thing on display, it does
mean something to the one,
two ways of making two,
postal product, bangalore,

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