Sunday, December 28, 2008

cambria cheese? or the island of cambria?

arousing nothing, what is it going
to kite, play the other side of the
card, letters collide, st rum meat,
funex, tomba, cee, p and er, off
leg, pixels schmixels, up in the
slammer, socic, llen lob, number
cluster, seeking the hand of,
welcome to the year of the pigpen,
om ad is, produce produce produce,
can’t you see you are dying,
entoptic graphomania, cubomania,
fronto-callosal glioma, ccabw,
anosognosic graphomania, floor
punching, pseudoagraphia, hautes
études commerciales, affective
indifference, hypergraphism,
echographia, aphasiology, carre,
dynamic aphasia, psychosensorial,
pallidal lesions, chasmically,
subspeech, the perpetual stoppage,
day care for old folks, blues-ed,
what does cover a hat, concrete
pray, grassroots celebrities,
the fashionable intelligence,
yard-wide hats, gonyin seeds,
the eternal chicken, paper baptist,
glazed hats, a giant refreshed
with wine, one is a fixer-upper,
alouettine, a nothing clerk,
orange bobbing, busy-pink,
heartbreaking echo of christ,
colonial heritage: emerson,
nothing confidential,

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