Saturday, December 27, 2008

the book is obsolete, man

this can only be read by the
initiated, evn the coor of me
eyees to help, nothing trembles,
for someone who does not value,
absolute message, bleeps,
priapean, abrasive language,
onjon, now is the time to write
this, original rusty paperclip,
every cell is screaming out for,
silk screams, figure out how many
things we are dealing with here,
completeness of historical
evidence, watch for falling
concrete, the column and the
circle, reams to read, mayhap,
junehap, still cycle, anti-library,
subscribe but do not read,
zoning but order, copied and
punched and copied, world
improvisation, writer book reader
book writer, being on the beach,
being in jail, the path of
hurricane eng, disappoint your,
like a worn out shoe, always
already full, three-dime,
identical for all intense
and non-intense purposes, enuf
ray to go around, and last
but not least blank, fame
and famine, this very moment,
mslloc, progress towards death,
fiore, i need you signature,
an evil mistake, financial love,
fuckin’ rip, go lay in the snow,

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