Wednesday, December 31, 2008


take the smar test, this could take
a little bending, activate memory now,
parties for uncle sam, i love you by
making, small wonder drove us mad,
we did the to and fro, what lies
behind the doors of perception,
nobody to do your bidding, gooey
lips, it ain’t no sin to be begin to see,
the drinker’s sea, interdigital,
boreal wafer, hypnarcotic, ovo, nine-
teen-sixty-nine, yay x yay, yo x yo,
perfrep, memem, you were right here
beside me, indi, do you know what
your name means in english, all the
places money, suggest slugfest,
these will all be bundled toge,
still a job of reading to do, a
whole has been ripped right
thru, unhappy harbour, meaning
full hand eye work, one day you
are moving the next you are still,
you missed each and every chance,
now for a text unlike any
other, no point stimulating yourself,
is this what you like to see, ztim,
torno, not even murder could put
her in jail, eskimo grotto, help me
i’m dangling over an abyss, knock
yourself off, ask for mister blue,
faulty intelligence, conjure up the
taste of cod liver oil, season of
gloom, actual meeting in reality,
here have a cd, appreciate all,
you are way over here, cranes crest,
we met, wemet, met dead, mewet,

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