Friday, December 12, 2008


identity being rubbed out, girl
with hairy armpit, representations
within representations, what can
be told from a photo, no new road
dividing us, flips in the middle,
ascap free zone, what do you do
with your slush-pile, do you feel
like you are being surveilled,
mind-sleep, fingerhead railroad,
hammersandwinches, let her found
her own, how many dollars worth
of death, obbb, combine the three,
maybe next week, hi i’m the new
guy, one seven five one one three,
k’minyan tov, zz’akari, tramping
the moss at the university, the
winter hat, tg tagtrips, appel,
panulaba, increasing snails,
selektions, blocksperre, black
work, concrete shoes, bunyan
bags, pinning hats, a bed-after-
puller, bettnachzieher, trust-
break, what does love mean to
you, lay it to rest, take a day
off from language, this is not
a love letter, might as well be
writing as doing nothing,
gestures to blank paper, copy
is one thing distro, everything
turns to dust, you are pre-
forgiven, are you still on
such-and-such street, how do
we get this other font, bebu,
might ı, yes this one, bpapb,

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