Wednesday, December 10, 2008

egoburn lettertrap

squilla armata, payment from
none, were we together that day,
can we get the breakdown on this,
one’s hat has been crushed,
something you found in the slough,
these sound like interesting texts,
now we are closer together, cau,
scanomania, only scan, you have
already been judged, random
insanity, twenty bucks to mail it,
breako, junk fool, floating
towards disaster, complex guilt,
ex-alcoholic, triple x wedding,
are you still at the same snail,
nothing is static, architecture
and crime, one is held in check,
can we get this in plain english,
one forgets what all this crap
refers to, thirty-three floors
would do it, die by the word,
plan for love, not jut, this is
it’s own source, nothing turns
me on, redemption is a very
complex procedure, reinforcemeat,
prll hnd sntzr, i remember being
together, spend more money on
books, i’m always thinking of
you, we are all falling like
dominoes, one of these words is
determined to be your last, the
bloat before the burst, realemon,
must tang, the in and the out,
click click click, your hand,
where things are going, blankd,

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