Sunday, December 07, 2008

franklin furnace medium

included among the guilty, now six
seven, abc six, abc jay, denov, hi q,
abc sth, is there a madness to your
method, one is still one, holding
your poems hostage, forthcoming
in fuck, develop a legible
signature, overweightea, no caveat,
gcog, the business of guilt, thry,
nothing has been disclosed,
trance expense, comp copy, suck
in your gut, micro-analysis of
discourse, being nothing, who are
you calling sister, winceys,
snaths, silks hats fur muffs,
big word vans, corrumptions, clock
beer, hatters dread, droomed, he
ceased to exist, haywired, a
jumper’s paradise, tuxidoes,
call it transportation, abducted
by the government, error in your
flavour, mount vimy orgasm, burn
today, now you are a completely
different being, a following
sweetness, in other words work
will set you free, one cannot
see this spring, sclopn, can’t be
bothered to collect your money,
five hundred bucks is nothing,
thirty-two twenty-three, fash,
cactus landmark, walk to the
station for a can of gas, do
you know where you sit, service
hero, your interior regime,
fold before tearing up your
eyes, bmtclo, ought not should,

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