Thursday, December 04, 2008

nothing consoles us

real rued alli, it’s falling and
rising at the same time, a machine
for getting thru hard times,
deinstall yourself, sour art,
sweet independance, try a different,
earth healing ceremony, fluxdivorce,
yamflug, forest medicine, the
history of european culture,
hwp, distracted attention,
sapientia, retro-irony, bektashi
dervishes, a marzipan frog, the
brotherhood of dada, orgone cops,
normalcy agents, in a word,
a violent attack of diarrhea,
let go of the page, one is not
flying, one quarter progress,
crucial speck of information,
forgot poetry, fatten up your
days, a number of sevens, they
may very well still, check yourself
see if you’re still there, skipcopy,
get sharp, mayor maynot, timejump,
yes to today, gaze at it all you
want, surconsommation means,
reconsider the art, the gang of
the day, with additions in pen
and pencil, close the map, the
desire for interaction, with
additions in felt and ink, what
is wrong with pleasure, dodajk,
now you have become undone,
be just be, a ten year jump,
as graffiti, orange window pane
acid, secret hidden mural,
similar consciousness, words only,

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