Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hey, wanna do some collaborative writing?

bending around the horn, was all
this red here, oh you will be able
to tell, the last straw has already
been laid, global garden, global
publishing, we have hardly even
begun to drift, gone before you
know it, we are on our way to death,
stitch initiate, it ain’t what it
ain’t, bloody me, indicate plummet,
falling into jail, indicate you,
augers grain, postword, negatron,
thincap, saint nothing, reading
the snow, selection by way of
response, slipping slipping, botto
botter, saran saran wrapt lit,
feux orange, porcelain prayer,
i think we can just say check,
well we are just going to have
to read the damn thing, lap
dance alp, two hundred and
fifty-three blackbirds, bold
just yourself, does that mean
we don’t have permission to
breathe, you’ve got he, square
the peace, up eye or down eye,
rile eye, cell phonee, lash north,
ripeace, hurricane north, not
singing, build money, bloob,
fire roar, powerfibres,
retention hot, alokanorée,
dusty answer, there must be
a way,

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