Sunday, December 07, 2008

gar drome

alljoy, imaginary meat, juvenile
sugjest, it was just a day like any
other, as fat as all that, a bit
more and a bit more, there are
no saints here, drink the bleach,
where can you go when you have
nowhere to go, white bread and
skim milk, a lecture, is there
a crisis, nothing can enlighten,
voodoo psychology, domestic
chaos, simian technology, ham
chick, still in the fridge, let
us jump ten years, a beautiful
thing to destroy, innocent
family members, framemarf,
gnostic riddle, white night
nickle, how are you going to
respect yourself now, exercize
yer demons, justice or, this is
the very straw that broke
the camel’s back, on the flip
side of death, something got
blasted into oblivion, cave it
in, joy plus despair, overconsume
yourself, actual mail, tear and
tear, no rebate, plan disaster,
the crazed teacup, you can’t
just continue on as you were,
in suburbia no-one can hear you
scream, what are you going to
do, a fin’s a fin, cluster cop,
ain’t got no car, ham swings,
the indifferent sun, diagnosed
with, none of this explains, now
we are truly disconnected,

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