Saturday, December 06, 2008

re: iroc

pennier, pennies per squirt, fleck of
red, the dna did it, ballato, span
tea, bisphenol a, glass closet,
creepy-amoebic, ı, the distinctive
now, polyhistorical, sesshin,
everybunny, brain-redistributions,
neuroplasticity, no self no control,
refuse to patronize garbage, the
tiny push that put you over the
edge, the negative community,
informatics of domination,
supergene complexes, bum steers,
cultural vandalism, ant farm,
a singularity without identity,
coprophilic copulation, mwali,
soulava, pre-skira, definiendum,
beneficent feedback mechanism,
we live in a war universe,
neural selectionism, neural
darwinism, concentration or
distraction, electronic signs of
life, why would you want to draw
a line, the pink folds, lost to all
but the most, we need to clear
this text off the desk, take the
whole day off, write until your
fingers bleed, just fooling,
still fooling, all fools, fresh
deteriorations, chance takes a
life, in another lifetime, in
another month, writing over,
writing over, writing over,

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