Friday, December 12, 2008


cog drop, having three stakes, maybe
your brain has been attacked by a
deadly meam, all the data has been
obliterated, think of the little ones,
two week free trial, give her a wad
of twenty dollar bills, the phrase
begging for cuts, scanathon,
interpherans, dysunderstanding,
the word no more, sliver off a chunk,
retain this copy until hell freezes
over, another straw, when’s the last time
you saw a movie, love nothing,
crakers, ezoob, nothing is going out,
unfollowed leads, the very page you
are reading now, that damn sign,
mailfrag, licence to silence, it grew,
cocking your hat, what was it
that put us over the edge, did
and do again, cartoon beaver,
intending to mail nothing, the
last happy moment we spent
together, near saint, so be blank,
one broke, the crime, ironic fate,
postplenitude, bibulosity, super
tiger, if i hear the word one more
time i’m going to, it grew,
something to do with the, drunk,
a pile of cash to spend on,
dominique o, liquor liquor
liquor, load it in, rock canuck,
three point two five percent,

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