Tuesday, December 09, 2008

hung gun up

homeless dumping, ipecacuanha,
lint moss bard, ciprine junky,
alibi network, person friday,
ma pen lai, ringgit, let’s take
a trip back to happyland, now
the battle is between, how do
you spell practeyes, the
forward chip and the backward
chunk, i’m going to go right up
and knock on the door, i wish
you were here, even when you were
here you were not exactly here,
the network destroys lives, the
concrete eye, frankensteinisation,
carry the damn thing over here,
there’s a lot more than what the
eye allows, if you need more
text please write, never found
it’s way online, the process of
refining the process, writing
finds a way, de-escalation,
what did you do with that bit
of paper i sent you, the still
and the still, we are just another
speck on the spectacle, busy be
busy being, i thot that signature
looked real and it was sort of,
the anima of commerce, one
feels like a displaced person,
feel free to keep or send, this
was nice and real once, forced
to choose between love and art,
addnpass valentine, still here,

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