Sunday, December 28, 2008

on the island of calibri

saint aitch, notes on saturday,
what can turn garbage into gold,
depends on who was doing the
striking, context referential,
stirking, all is equal to none,
air sculpture, akzo, vanav, wafer
thin mint, temporary focus,
industrial hole, random
selection, the burning concerns,
clipboard mentality, zero
response in, pacifist on a rampage,
psyche out our conversants, you
must choose sides, one will be
forgotten, pointytits, armed with
knowledge, looking at everything,
poem entitled i, all the pennies,
still a pile, value high, etaon
rish, the power of positive
deviation, here’s this mysterious
mark again, editor to the letters,
better than escher, thinking about
the letter a, time to take another
gander at the goose, thinking
bout, from the edge to the
gutter, loosen the folder off,
internal use ontology, when your
socks get holes wear them upside
down, stirred by garbage, one
two three etcetera, the
hallucinated image of god,
mud lamp sand, rattlrs blud,
depends on state of mind
during reading, there was no
blood, tried to buy nothing,

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