Saturday, December 20, 2008


lugpos, do it as often as you like,
hitler as a baby, my skull, every
item, derelict duty, toner meister,
poets meridian, to write or not to write,
over the lim, willist, you don’t want to
miss a single word, somehow remaini,
the year of the camel, always
already gone, copyright therapy,
the thickness of the silicon, home
breast, message labour, let us try to
piece the word back together,
schizonomics, gradual marks, this
is not my finest hour, l, divided by
three, let’s do something about the
confusion, an original smudge, the
tape does not help, ististian, mute
it, schizo trance, the wisdom of pigs,
why vern, i took this picture of you
while you were asleep, our throwness
made us break, msgsm, home hour,
breast bulb, you chief identity,
zero beer, the silicon word, slack
copy, link therapy, amend moment,
violent love, fills me with the urge
to defecate, camel shark, gloriously
blank, specific copyright,
continues off in both directions,
antisocial character disorder, eyes
half closed, cials evincing the
hardness, armchair revolutionary,
pacifist anarchist, happy sadder-
day, a dollar in the hand is worth
two in the bank, hot italian what,
shore up the bank, three of hearts,

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