Wednesday, December 10, 2008

lucid consolation

tort, micropearls, we don’t like to
think about money, the vehicle is
identical but it is not the same
vehicle, this ain’t no pleasure
trip, let’s stay at the bel-aire,
i can’t even remember my own
phone number, let us wash our
hands of each other, all your
donut dollars are gone, a
rubberstamp that says, cave eat,
zers gather, are you calling me
a baby, a registration number
won’t save you, wad of suffering,
that little bit of colour is
going to cost you bigtime,
low and lower, historians of
england by contrast, sign high,
uwe, history made by egyptian
chronotope, remember this
particular moment of boredom,
nothing needs to be done with
this text, making strange
connections, be my friend,
everybody is fading out of
the picture, still love,
nothing left to dig thru,

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