Saturday, December 06, 2008

dot um dot com

slightly different blanks,
two hundred and fifty-three
blanks, okay here we go shooom,
sometimes the best way to hope
is to give up hope, lungemeat
plungemeat, boob berry, paagol,
stimming, neurotypical, historical
evidence is careful, hurry to cure
or even, base animal, sometimes
bending is not enough, art beans,
crhym, nothing by air, what is
it exactly you want me to
state, suffocate each other,
art is right, can you stand
alone, you can’t have abundance
without a little avarice,
entertaining too many conflicting
notions, cash for cabbies,
bibesco, obb, golden dildo, funk
mail, fat bed hats, par moss,
fuck the judge, bednesti, the
bproblem is that nothing is
the only relation, neither a
buyer nor a seller be, fuck
today, pseudotourists, efforts
to create harmonious,
composite photography,
absentee moderator, cussions
of higher education,

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