Monday, December 15, 2008

miss you i go this

it is what it is, design this, the
expiry date on the milk today,
this is the one that is marching
forward, seems to be shrinking too,
maintain integrity, a million tea
leaves, calling lake wet, what
does this line signify, violent
eye, the happiness machine,
yesturday, the working homeless,
your reading identity, have not
been behind the wheel, redesign
this very phrase, ticket to drive,
your reading is deteriorating,
apt identity, workbookhole, still
homeless, rubber nipple, i was,
long gone happy, machine-made
happiness, all the violence
women cause, the happy eye,
pure tripe pure gold, still doing
nothing, athabasca flow, a slab
of images, one fell a million,
jasmine maquis, it can never be
undeteriorated, hurry up before
it’s all gone, like a tumbleweed
without a home, what sort of paper
do you prefer: blank or nonblank,
take a close look at your clothes,
ad here, bring forward the rice
one grain at a time, pick up a
lifetime supply of postage,
maybe you will learn from my
mistakes, alonement, almoner,
uighur, died of love, negawatts,

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