Sunday, December 14, 2008


i’m writing as fast as i can, sell
this one, actual exaggeration, art
wrapped in plastic, available time,
look at that skin, obliterate your
former self, fema, nixie section,
digital paper, row not, tore turn,
deepen dances, dainty floral motif,
the science of suffering, dedigitize,
is it being constructed or destructed,
bush is a jew, you are making the
same error over and over again,
psychedelic toner, heavy hand did,
don’t even hope to read it, turning
chinese, binga binga, my tv and,
nott, the word working, toner fails,
judged by whose standards,
minimal shrinkage, orange difficulty,
failing to contact, buddig,
elegance schmelegance, macumba,
the caterpillar man, look worse,
enuf to pay the rent, tear along
the cheek, glue clue, botflies in
saskatchewan, parasympathetic,
scot-free, sand hoses, otan, dotism,
g hrth, ted x ink, happiness is war,
thank you for your blank, fold
each way, maybe you don’t deserve
to be represented, transportation
expenses, cultural hooliganism,
anti-potlatch, shimmic, skintunes,
ethical avant-gardism, sussuric,
homotarian, edjuka, genderspeak,
genitalsitalismanic, yeastily
kissing, bent candy, high end cycle,

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